“Pigeon” may be folded easily by rolling the button, after folding it is compact, of streamlined forms, thus making it comfortable in use. After rejecting the unnecessary details, the general construction of the product became lighter.

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Product Description


Yellow, green and blue pigeon order will be shipped till 27th. of June
People nowadays are in a hurry in all aspects of their life, they are so eager to grow up, to earn money and to live, thus forgetting about the present days. We believe you may convert your hurrying into a delightful and pleasant process, and a kick scooter here may be a tool, helping to achieve this goal. Upon consideration from a new aspect the possibilities of a kick scooter, our task was to improve a model scooter eliminating some shortcomings, to brainstorm the whole consumer and servicing system, to arouse a new interest of consumers in a kick scooter as a mode of leisure and lifestyle, and to make it more consumer-friendly and not complicated in use.
Our present ambition is for the people throughout the world to change their approach to things that seem unchangeable and to turn hurrying into a pleasant and useful process.
We believe commuting from Point A to Point B may be turned into a delightful travel.


  • The locking system has been designed to fold the Pigeon easily.
  • The streamlined shapes have been designed to perfectly fit the user’s shoulder and to ensure comfortable carrying of the product.
  • The Pigeon folds to an absolutely flat pack which saves the space.
  • Rejection of some unnecessary parts has enabled to make the general construction of the Pigeon lighter. It weighs only 4.65 kg.

Technical specs

Stand Up: 630L (front to back wheel) x 372W x 955H
Folded: 89 W x 965 H
Frame: Stainless steel
Weight (w/o wheels): 3.4 kg.
Weight Capacity: 100 kg.
Width of the foot plate: 66 mm.
Handle height (ground to handle): 955 mm.
Front Wheel: D= 200mm./ gum
Rare Wheel: D= 147mm./ gum

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